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11/18/2017 Added 11.5.17 Meeting Minutes Club_Members/Club_Minutes/2017/LBB%20Minutes%2011.5.17.pdf
11/15/2017 Added 11.5.17 Board Minutes Board_Members/Board_Minutes/2017/LBB Board Minutes 11.5.17
11/13/2017 Revised vMenue, hMenue. Accordian, and box Menues Internal structure changes, too many to name.
11/10/2017 Added Insurance Documents to Board Conf Docs ./Board_Members/Club_Documents/index.htm
11/10/2017 Added December Agenda, Club & Board ./Agendas/2017/Agenda%202017-12.pdf
11/09/2017 Converted Change Tracking to WEB Page ./Changes
11/08/2017 Populated WEB Site Documentation ./Board_Members/Club_Documents/WEB_Site/
11/06/2017 Established Change Tracking Link from Flying Bee to this table
11/05/2017 Created area for Board Confidential Documents ./Board_Members/Club_Documents/index.htm
11/05/2017 Created & Populated area for Attendance ./Board_Members/Attendance/index.htm
11/05/2017 Created & Populated area for Banking ./Board_Members/Banking/index.htm