After a long and arduous journey, the subject of legalizing chickens and bees for Torrance will come before the Torrance City Council on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at the Torrance City Hall: 

Address: 3031 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 

For all those who want to help support Long Beach Beekeeping, it’s important for neighboring cities to support bees too.  Especially if you are a Torrance resident or know someone, please plan to come and speak to the council in support of bees and/or chickens letting them know why it’s important to you and your family. 

This is very exciting news that they will consider allowing bees and chickens! I hope you share our joy and will attend!!!

It’s item 12, Administrative Matters.

12A.  Community Development – Consider a land use study regarding the keeping of chickens and bees for single family residences within the city.  Recommendation of the Community Development Director that City Council consider a Land Use Study regarding the keeping of chickens and bees for single family residences within the city and provide direction to staff.

For the full agenda go here

For more information please see the Honeylove Meetup Group.  

Sam Comfort (Founder of—New York) 
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It was a wonderful day to be out for the Children’s Clinic’s Beach Walk.  There were hundreds of teen agers and their family members walking around the Long Beach marina.  Before and after the walk, people came by and gazed out our observation hive.  At first the bees were huddled together because it was so cold.  After it warmed up there, they crawled around the frame of honey and brood.  It was great to see how interested everyone was and some were eager to come to our bee classes.

The Long Beach Beekeepers enjoy going to community events to educate the public about the importance of bees and the share how it is possible to have beehives in the urban environment.  On Saturday, October 19th, Luis, Megan and Mike worked our booth at the 7th Annual Gathering of the Gardens.  Teague, the organizer, had a great line up of presentations from biodynamic gardening to chickens and bees.  Luis gave a presentation to would be beekeepers and got a great response.  One of the big hits was Dick’s observation hive that held a full frame of honey.  I wish our banner wasn’t a little crooked….




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Special Guest Speakers: Henry Kurland, President, and Barbara Sinclair, Vice President of Long Beach Beekeepers. They will bring an observation hive and honey sticks will be available for sale to support Long Beach Beekeepers.
Join Us As We Celebrate International Mother Earth Day And Explore This Important Issue!
Donation: $5.00
When: Friday, April 26th @ 8 p.m.
Where: Hellada Art Center
117 Linden Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 435-5232
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Our host, Hellada Art Center is graciously providing wine and other refreshments. Don’t forget to drop something in their tip jar if you wish to enjoy some wine and light refreshments. Thank you!
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Michael Bush is coming to Long Beach.  The event is already sold out and looks to be a great oppurtunity to get together with other natural beekeepers.

We’ll be inspecting hives with him and learning about unlimited brood next management and the 4 steps to keeping healthy bees.

Stay tuned for updates.  Check the monthly meeting page for event details. 

Check out this link for Michael Bush’s website.