Thank-you to Terri who presented the natural history of bees.  She discussed the types of bees including the queen, workers and drones.  The term beekeepers use to refer to the life cycle of honeybees is bee math.  She had great questions.  See if you can answer these questions with the table below.

1.  If you find eggs, and no queen, how long ago do you know there was a queen?
2.  If you find just hatched larvae and open brood but no eggs, how long ago was the queen there?
3.  If the queen starts laying today, how long before that brood will start foraging for nectar?
Carlos Sanchez with our gift of gourmet cookies for the crew

For close to a year EDCO Transfer Station has hosted the monthly meetings of the Long Beach Beekeepers.  Many thanks to Carlos Sanchez, Facilities Supervisor, who has opened the doors for us every first Sunday in the morning and has gone out of his way to make sure we have needed supplies and support.  EDCO is a family owned and run business located in Signal Hill but dedicated to providing support for the Long Beach community as well.  We are grateful to Vice President/General Manager Efrain Ramirez and hope our relationship with EDCO will continue for years to come.